Yolon Energy started in 2013 when a team of energy industry veterans decided to go back to our roots and do what we’re passionate about — working with people we like and respect to help clients we like and respect. 


We began with a desire to break from the corporate model and put our experience to work in a more meaningful way for us, our clients and the community.

Each of our Managing Partners, Russ Monroe, Tim Lockwood and Elisabeth Bottomley, has worked at big energy companies. And we value the experience we’ve gained there. But we believe that we provide better service to our clients — and save them money — when we work lean and mean. That means no bureaucracies, boards of directors or ladders of vice presidents and managers. It’s just us and the clients. It’s more efficient, it’s more personal and it’s a lot more fun.

Fun is important to us. That’s why we called ourselves Yolon Energy (You Only Live Once — Now). Our staff works harder for our clients because we enjoy coming to work every day. We believe that cultivating a positive work environment leads to a positive client experience. It’s positive energy all around.

It seems to be working out. Today, we have thousands of client accounts and continue to experience healthy growth each year doing things the way we like to do them. As happy as we are about our growth, we’re even prouder of our higher-than 90% retention rate. Winning new clients is one thing, keeping them is another.