At Yolon, we not only save money for our clients, we also earn money for our partners in the Yolon Energy Partnership Program.

Here’s a way for you to help your friends and business associates reduce their energy bills — and put a few dollars in your own pocket at the same time.

As a member of the Yolon Energy Partnership Program, you will earn commissions for the life of any new contracts your leads produce.


Why Partner With Yolon?

We thrive on long-term relationships with our customers and suppliers that benefit everyone involved. If you can make a couple extra bucks by helping someone reduce their energy costs, why not? Everybody wins.

Who Makes A Great Partner?

Anyone can take part in the Yolon Energy Partnership Program. Do you know a business who could benefit from our services?
Boom, you’re a partner. There are many groups and individuals with whom we’ve developed great relationships. See if any of
these apply to you.


Are you an association looking to generate some extra income for the organization while helping your members save money?
Our partnership program can work out very well for you.

At NESSARA, we’ve had great success partnering with Yolon. It really is a sweet deal. We’re able to offer our members a lower energy rate and support our organization at the same time.
— Matthew LeLacheur, Co-Executive Director, New England Service Station & Automotive Repair Association (NESSARA)


Are you a business owner with a lot of contacts? We work with many accountants, legal professionals and business leaders who have sent their clients our way and earned some extra income for themselves.

For more than 20 years, I’ve helped many nonprofits and church organizations achieve their goals through strong leadership and smart decision-making. I consistently recommend Yolon Energy as a smart and simple way to reduce energy costs. And because of their partnership program, I’m able to see a return as well. It’s a win-win.
— Tim Moen, Certified Coach, Teacher and Speaker, TakeLead


Step One

Go down your list of contacts and associates and see if there’s anyone on the list that could benefit from working with Yolon. Then pass on their name and contact info to your Yolon energy consultant. It’s as simple as that.

Step Two

We contact your referral and explain the Yolon Energy process and value proposition.

Step Three

You collect commissions on every new customer your leads produce. Commissions are paid monthly and will continue for as long as we keep the customer.

To learn more about the Yolon Energy Partnership Program, contact your energy consultant or call (855) 537-5603 or email us at